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  • Hot Spot Repair

    Our Hot Spot Repair Service prevents unscheduled (expensive) shutdowns.

    During the last 30 years, Insulcon executed all over the world with great success many major Hot Spot Repair jobs during operation of process heaters, boilers, reformers, etc. This unique system consists of a special developed pumping mix, a controlled pump system and of course an experienced stand by group of engineers.

    Continuous operation (24/7) of most furnaces results in deterioration of the hard refractory hot face lining and will damage the backup insulation. Cracking and erosion of moulded parts and linings will exposure backup insulation to high furnace operation temperatures. The backup insulation will overheat and hot spots will occur, resulting in a shut down of the heater/furnace and a cooling down period before actual inspection and refractory repair will be possible.

    The Insulcon Hot Spot Repair system will eliminate all those problems. In close co-operation with Harm Meijer BV, specially trained engineers will act immediately.

    1. While the system remains functional, holes are drilled in the casting plate. After this, couplings are welded onto it.

    2. Specially developed Injection moulds are now being injected through the mounted couplings

    3. As soon as Injection mould is injected, the whole area of the Hot Spot cools down immediately

    4. Changes of pressure combined with over 15 years of experience indicate when the gap is completely filled

    5. The drilled holes/couplings are closed. The repaired spot usually remains colder than the rest of the surrounding area

    For a visual impression, please watch the video about the biggest Hot Spot Refractory Repair in the history of the Insulcon Group on our YouTube channel.