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  • Refrex® Expanchor® Lining System

    In a drying kiln of a steel company in Germany, the first 12.5 meter of the 25 meter high duct were lined with modules containing fibers that contaminated the product - tinned aluminium strips.


    The aluminium strip is pulled through a tin bath up through the drying kiln duct. Due to a high degree of fiber contamination Insulcon lined both sides of the kiln (2 m depth, 6 cm width (!), 25 m height) with the Refrex® Expanchor Lining System. Taking into account the 11 heaters and several sections for the thermo-elements.


    By using a lift container, Insulcon installed the Refrex® Expanchor® Lining System (type 1220). The original lining was based on modules with an existing anchor system out of steel. In order to protect the Refrex® 1220 cloth that was installed over the existing anchor system, Insulcon developed an Insulair® ring to protect the Refrex® against the pressed-on clips. All was used in combination with our own expanchor system.

    IMG 0351 IMG 0355

    Thermo-elements and heaters (11 in total) also needed to be insulated.

    IMG 0270 IMG 0316 IMG 0275

    IMG 0296 IMG 0324

    Next to the Refrex® 1220 cloth, we used 450 Expanchors and developed an Insulair® ring with clip protection for about 800 anchors out of steel.

    Summary of advantages

    It is an easy upgrade/improvement of your existing low thermal mass lining, without a complete renewal! With our patented Expanchor® our Refrex® 1220/1420 can be easily attached to the existing low thermal mass lining, depending on the condition of the existing low thermal mass lining.


    - Reflection of 60% of the radiation heat.

    - Reduction of maintenance costs.

    - No further eroding of existing fiber lining.

    - Can be installed over existing fiber lining.

    - No further contamination which means higher quality of the endproduct.