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    We are continuously searching and developing new systems, products and services in order to provide our customers with the latest and best solution on each high temperature application. 

    Our team of high qualified engineers continuously follow the latest leads in the thermo process industry.

    • Refrex® Expanchor® Lining System

      IMG 0337

      In a drying kiln of a steel company in Germany, the first 12.5 meter of the 25 meter high duct were lined with modules containing fibers that contaminated the product - tinned aluminium strips.
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    • Infrared scan and Hot Spot Repair in Germany

      Case study

      *Hot Spot Repair - case study*
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    • Special transport for Wearflex® Q-Chem Unit

      P1040070 kl

      The year 2016 started with the realization of a prestigious project for a client in Venezuela. Insulcon engineers manufactured 4 fabric expansion joints (Wearflex® Q-Chem compensators) in dimensions greater than 4 meters.
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    • Insulcon equipped a jet-powered kart

      P1030655 2

      Insulcon's innovative character can be confirmed again by its most recent project. The development of heat-resistant material for a jet-powered kart. The race seat has been insulated with a heat shield and the oil pipe with heat-resistant insulation material.
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    • Hot Spot Repair in Germany

      During the last 30 years, the Insulcon Group has executed many major Hot Spot Repair (HSR) jobs with great success all over the world, during full operation of process heaters, boilers (HRSG), reformers, etc.
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    • Successful REL Project

      Insulcon’s REL System now also performs well in a sanitary shuttle kiln of a major sanitary producer in the far East. Recently the Insulcon Group successfully completed a REL (Refrex® Expanchor® Lining[sitetree_link,id=106]) project in a periodic oven (shuttle kiln) in the far east. In previous years the Insulcon Group completed several similar ovens with a REL lining system.  
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    • New dust extraction unit

      Recently INSULCON invested in a new dust extraction unit (ATEX Group II St1 & St2 certified)  in one of her large conversion departments in Steenbergen, for machining of calcium silicate, vermiculite, fibrous boards & shapes, MDF, etc.
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    • Large hot spot in a reformer

      Insulcon Petrochem Furnace and burner

      A large hot spot was detected in the roof of a reformer, as a result of damages in the ceramic fibre module lining. With the use of our hot endoscopy inspection technique (with its water cooled lance), we could detect a leak in one of the process tubes, which in the end caused over-pressure in a part of the reformer.
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