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  • Ecosil® silica products

    Ecosil® silica products are unique, high temperature textile products that can be custom-made in our own production facility at Keramab N.V.

    In our own production facility in Temse (Belgium), a wide range of insulation and sealing materials are being custom-made. All these products are manufactured on Keramab's highly advanced installation that is one the largest of its kind in Europe. One of the latest features within our high temperature textile program is our range of Ecosil® silica products.

    Ecosil® textile products are temperature resistant up to 1000°C (short term 1100°C). They are being manufactured without the use of organic binders, are mechanical strong and are chemical resistant against organic agents, water and hot acids (except HF).

    Ecosil® is made out of continuous filament fibres. Therefore special labeling and or precautions during packaging and handling are not necessary (Directive 97/69/EC). Ecosil® textile products are standard available as:

    Typical applications are, for example: - Cable and wire insulation; - Fuel line insulation; - Pipe hanger insulation; - Thermal insulation of steam-pipes in wells; - Wrapping of exhausts; - Seals between filter elements; - Seals in heat exchangers; - Kiln car seals; - Static seals in boilers, furnaces and stoves, - Tadpole gaskets.

    Do you need advice? Or do you have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us. Due to own production facilities we are able to deliver custom-made materials and solutions. 

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